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  • Roofing installations with real people for over 40 years
  • Honest, reliable, professional advice and service
  • Giving you best value options that meet your needs and budget

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Roofing Replacement/Retrofit Upgrades

  • Quality Asphalt Shingles
  • True Lifetime Metal Options
  • Polymer/Rubber Composite Shingles

Solar Panel Integration


Commercial Metal Projects


Tar and Gravel and Low Slope Conversion to Metal


Flat Roof/Membrane

UP to 50 year warrantied options


Quality Siding/Soffit

Asphalt/Metal/Cedar Shake Roof Repairs

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Discover the Real Truth About Your Roof!

Honest, wise, consumer education based on 40+ years of hands-on, high-level pro experience –

  • Tips to identify the honest, trustworthy roofers
  • Tips to identify massive, misleading industry marketing scams

Get expert problem identification and quality, firesafe replacement options that meet your needs and budget.

Don’t be misled by the current, industry-wide marketing of ‘50-year’ or ‘lifetime’ asphalt or cedar shingle warranties. Learn what a warranty does, and surprisingly, does not cover.

Real Life Roofing can give you best options that fit with your budget comfort level and how long you plan on being in your home.

Why do we recommend the industry base architectural fiberglass asphalt shingles for homeowners who are staying 12 years or less?

Why a proven metal or higher quality asphalt roofing option should be a serious consideration beyond 15 years.

Why not all metal and composite roofing are wise choices.

You’ll learn the three biggest red flags that indicate you may not be getting what you think you paid for.

Time to check your roof?

Before you go, call a PRO!

Take advantage of 40+ years of internationally recognized roofing expertise, hands-on installation experience, technical engineering consultation to manufacturers and distributors, suprising exposure of misleading warranty advertising campaigns.



Richard (Rick) Thygesen is an internationally-recognized Roofing Design and Engineering Consultant to industry-leading manufacturers.
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Completed Projects

Product Gallery


Steel Shake/Slate

Generational true lifetime metal roofing systems that give the appearance of natural cedar or slate and provide worry-free, firesafe home protection.


Standing Seam - Narrow Rib

Advanced hidden fastener system that prevents potential water ingress from external screws and visual appeal for modern home designs.


High End Asphalt

Higher quality, rubber-enhanced, fiberglass asphalt shingles that adds curb appeal and up to double the life of industry-standard asphalt.  

Timeless Service – Decades of Happy Customers

’80’s: “The metal roof you installed in our home is now 36 years old. There has not been one single issue with this roof – it has been one of
our best investments.”
Burnaby, BC

90’s: “Your workers and especially you, gave me a feeling of confidence
that never faltered.
The whole experience was ‘first class’ from beginning to end.”
B. BELLSurrey, BC

2000’s: “Our steel shake has performed as advertised. Outstanding!
It’s so good that our neighbour installed one like it!”
B & H HETHTsawassen, BC

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